fblogoOctober 21-November 6. OPENING THIS FRIDAY! Candid Candidate. Produced by New World Theater. Here’s a production that is sure to make the 2016 Presidential Election season even more memorable – if that’s possible. Arizona Senator, Bob Roberts (Larry Pizza), and Texas Governor, John McCoy (David Afflick) have emerged as the winners of the Iowa Caucuses, and eagerly head east for the next round in the presidential election season – the first in the nation New Hampshire primary. Their political fortunes are on the rise, but an unscripted candid moment leaves them fighting for more than their political survival. This production features a new ending that takes us right down to the wire – Election Day 2016. And the final outcome of the ‘election’, and the play, will be determined by an audience vote for the candidate of their choice. Fridays & Saturdays – 7:30pm; Sundays – 2pm

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