Link to the tentative schedule for Mainstage 2018-2019 season (through August 31).  CURRENT as of 1.3.18.

Hatbox has been very fortunate to be embraced by many people in the NH creative community. We have been getting requests on how to submit to be a part of our next season since we announced the current one. We have scheduled our next PITCH NIGHT for March 5th, 2018 @ 7pm. We will be selecting programming for the 2018-2019 season (through August 2019). Be sure to put it in your calendars now.

UPDATES: We are instituting an early submission process for Pitch 2018. Beginning December 1st, producers may submit four copies of the script (or scripts) they will present at Pitch 2018 (March 5, 7pm). These will be passed on to our readers without the name(s) of the submitting person or organization. This process is voluntary, *not* required. These will be read prior to the Pitch in March. This will prepare the Review Team in advance for your two minute pitch. The order of pitches is based on submission order, so the sooner you submit, the earlier in the evening your pitch will be heard (we can still move early submissions back to accommodate any schedule issues). More information will be updated here as it happens. One copy of each script will be kept by Hatbox Theatre and added to the library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is *not* too late to get involved. Producers *may* serve on the PITCH Review Team, but they may not vote for productions they are materially involved in. If you’d like to be added to that list, let me know (we currently have 14 individuals on the list).

Here’s the lowdown on Pitch Night:

Each year we hold an annual Pitch Night for producers interested in being part of our upcoming season. For one night only, groups are given two minutes to pitch their project for the upcoming season of Hatbox Theatre (season runs September through August). Hatbox is all about live performance, so we ask that pitches be focused on that aspect, but any discipline is welcome to pitch: music, theatre, cabaret, dance, magic, variety, burlesque, comedy, improv, poetry/spoken word, game shows, whatever!

Producers are asked to fill out a detailed form and supply four bound submission packets including the form and four scripts (one of which will not be returned). It is also recommended to provide information on the production team; sample audio/video recordings of a musical group; promotional material for the organization, etc. Anything that will help the review team understand your vision. The planning committee will take about a month to comb through the submissions and select the ones that best fit the needs of the season. All groups selected for the season must: sign an agreement related to their production; commit to participating in the Launch Night where they will provide a five-minute “taste” (performance excerpt, readings, an expanded “pitch”, etc. ) of their production for members of Hatbox Theatre and the public; take part in a producer orientation meeting; and participate in Hatbox auditions.


How does Hatbox Theatre work? Hatbox is a cooperative theatre space. If a program is selected for performance, then the producer receives 60% of the gate receipts. Not included in this are: processing fees charged to patrons, donations, concessions, etc.

What is the season like? Generally, Main Stage productions run for three weeks with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm. There are also weekly and monthly performances slots available. Times, days, and lengths of run may be negotiable. Hatbox generally reserves the three week Main Stage slot in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for an annual holiday show.

How much are tickets? The public price for tickets are $17 for adults and $14 for students/seniors/members. We  also have a senior member ticket of $12. For the purpose of production gate split, productions receive 60% of revenue (less a deduction of $1.75 per ticket to cover ticketing software and credit card fees).

Do we have to sell tickets? Provide box office personnel and ushers? Nope. Hatbox takes care of all that for you.

Who does publicity? Production companies are responsible for drafting a press release (in our recommended format) that Hatbox will then distribute to all forms of media: newspapers, radio, television, and online. Production companies must also supply Hatbox with five copies of their poster with our logo/contact information on it as directed in the agreement. Hatbox will also create a Facebook event for your event (to which the production team will be made a host). Production companies are responsible for papering (hanging posters—we generally recommend around 130-150 posters to cover Concord), but Hatbox will make available a list of recommended venues/areas that are open to displaying posters. Producers are also encouraged to promote separately on social media and through other outlets.

What else are the producers responsible for? Licensing/royalty fees, production costs, anything else spelled out in the agreement. Also, printed program inserts to go into our season program.

Can we pitch more than one production? Yes, but the focus is on cooperative theatre and providing a diverse set of offerings.

What time is the pitch? It will begin promptly at 7pm with an organizer laying out the process, but the doors will be open beginning at 5:45pm for people to sign up for their slot.

Can I submit in advance or during the season? Yes. We are now accepting scripts for the coming season. The order of the pitches is based on first come/first served, including the pre-Pitch submissions. The readers will not know what team has submitted what scripts until Pitch Night.

How much time do we have to pitch? Two minutes per pitched project. Pitches are first-come, first-served based on sign up at the door the night of the pitch. The night ends when all the pitches have been presented.

Do we have to stay the entire night? No, but we would encourage you to do so. It is not only an entertaining night out, but it is also an opportunity to see what other creative artists are working in the area and provides an opportunity for networking with potential collaborators.

What if we can’t make Pitch Night? You can still submit your materials ahead of time and one of the organizers can read your pitch aloud to the assembly for consideration. We do also take submissions year round to fill in any dark nights in the season.

Can we request certain times of the year? Sure, but the more restricted your pitch becomes the harder it may be to slot your production into the season.

Are there any restrictions to what we submit? Not really, although the selection of productions is solely at the discretion of the planning committee.

I submitted a script as part of the early submission process. What happens next? The next step (as outlined above) is to show up on Pitch Night and formally present (in two minutes) your pitch. There will be a deliberation period and then selected projects will be contacted to confirm their participation. Once all projects have confirmed their inclusion on the 2018/2019 season, all other productions will be contacted to inform them of the decision.

What about rehearsals and load-in? Hatbox does offer rehearsal time in the space on dark nights by request. Additional off-site rehearsal space is available thanks to dedicated partners. Each Main Stage Series event will have Sunday evening through Thursday on the week of load-in dedicated to their load-in and rehearsals. No other productions/performances will have use of the space during that time. During second and third weeks, Main Stage productions will be asked to pack away as much of their props and equipment as possible so as to allow the weekly and monthly events to occur on the stage. Sets may remain in place and lighting will not be refocused during a run (with the possible exception of equipment added/reserved for the monthly productions). “Pick up” rehearsals during the second and third weeks may be scheduled ahead of time.

Do you ever rent out the house? On rare dark nights and occasional mid-week days, the space may be rented for other use (workshops, meetings, seminars, etc.). Cost to rent is on a case by case basis. In general, any public performances become a part of the Hatbox season.



CLICK HERE FOR THE PITCH TICKETS (producers and Hatbox Theatre members only please). CURRENT as of 1.3.18.

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