We’re open for business!

Last night, Hatbox Theatre opened to a sold out crowd of theater lovers for the first performance in our new space. Thanks to Lend Me A Theater, as well as the cast and crew of 2 Across for being a wonderful way to christen the new space.

Speaking of space, the walls of the space seem a little stark, so we are hoping to find some visual artists to help create some gallery space in out “lobby” area. Are you interested? If so, give us a holler and we can talk.

We have two more performances this weekend of 2 Across (7:30pm tonight and 3pm tomorrow) as well as three performances next weekend. Come out and experience this whimsical and touching romantic comedy for yourself.

Monday night we premiere Hatbox Podcast Network with a live recording of our premiere podcast. Tickets to the podcast are free and reservable atwww.hatboxnh.com. We do hope those who attend will see some value and drop a little something in the hatbox; there may be some refreshments as well!

Oh, on Wednesday night there is this little show call Discovering Magic. It’s worthy of a little consideration of I do say so myself.

Hope to see you soon in the Hatbox!


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